Workflow Communication Points

Step 1 – MEASURE
A message will be sent confirming understanding of request and discuss any concerns.

Step 3 – LAYOUT
After Step 3, a message and picture will be sent with layout. Size of quilt will be confirmed.

After Step 4, a message and picture will be sent with recommendations for sashing, borders and backing coordinating fabric colors/patterns.

Step 5 – SEW
After Step 5, a message will be sent with picture of the completed top. At this point all shirts are sewn together. If there is a desire to make a change, it would be significant time and an additional cost to change. Why pose the question then. Because if it is a monumental challenge for you, after quilting is not the time to find out. Changes will not be made after quilting the quilt. But if you decide, say, to add an outer border prior to quilting, easy squeezy, at that point.

Quilting pattern will be discussed as well.

Step 10 – Wash & PACK
A message and tracking number will be sent when your package is sent. A picture will not be sent because we want you to be surprised with the final product, of course!