About Acela Troffer: Owner, Rhapsody red quilts

I feel a strong connection to preserving memories; small, strong and everywhere in between. I am firmly committed to providing individualized service and welcome unusual requests. I understand the shirts are special to you and I treat them as special as well.

I use my technical background and creative nature to develop each individual quilt layout ultimately creating a quilt that is uniquely yours.


I am an engineer by schooling and career.  I have been quilting since 2001.  I am self taught and gain most of my knowledge from on-line instruction.


I personally love modern and contemporary designs.  I am always working on several projects with a few more in my head.


I live in Windermere, Florida with my husband, Tom.  We have three children, one in college, and  all  three teetering on self-sustainment. Tom is always there to encourage me and be a great second opinion as well as enjoying talking with the gals at the quilt shops.


Quilts should be loved, used and used up!
I would prefer to see a quilt needing mending than a quilt that is coveted as an heirloom.  I always cuddle up on the couch with a quilt.  T-shirt quilts preserve memories, warm hearts and provide a sense of comfort.

In my spare time

I enjoy scrapbooking, reading in my garden and the outdoors.  My  husband and I camp often in our home state of Florida.  Camping affords us the time to decompress.  We  also enjoy photography, biking and spending time with our kids.