T-Shirt Quilts

You provide the t-shirts, I create a t-shirt quilt that is uniquely yours. Learn more about t-shirt quilt styles and our process here.

Imagine yourself ready to settle in to relax. You grab your book, your cup of tea, and your quilt, then snuggle up on the couch and pick up where you left off in the story. Starting to doze off, your eye catches the t-shirt from your quilt that makes you remember the vacation to Chicago where you met up with your brother and his family when kids were small. It was so stressful with them at that age, but they had a blast, and they still talk about it. You smile at the thought of all the cousins goofing off even to this day and drift off to sleep.

T-shirt Quilts

T-Shirt Quilt Styles

Variable Block

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The variable block style has blocks of the t-shirt designs that are organized in commonly dimensioned columns but varying heights based on the individual shirt designs. Each column may be a different width but all blocks in one column share the same width.

Mosaic Design

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The mosaic style has blocks that are sized individually based only on the design of that specific t-shirt. All the blocks are puzzled together to fit in a random pattern. This style requires a significantly larger number of shirts.


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Pillows are 24” x 24” and can be a block or mosaic pattern. The size of the pillow may dictate one or the other. Pillow inserts are included.

Learn More about what goes into making a quality Keepsake Quilt.

More on how our quilts are created and answer questions about your t-shirts and the ordering process.

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Our Quilt Builder is currently under construction, but I am looking forward to chatting with you about your T-Shirt Quilt, Memory Quilt, or Pillow project.

Please reach out to me via the adjacent form or email me at [email protected] 

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    Returns and shipping Policy

    T-shirt quilts, memory quilts, and pillows are each made to order, so all sales are final. In the unlikely case of a construction defect, we will happily discuss rework or other arrangements. Client satisfaction is our priority. If there are any defects, please notify us within 30 days of your purchase so we can make it right. After that, all sales are final.

    You may contact us at:
    Rhapsody red LLC
    2609 Crescent Lake Ct
    Windermere, FL. 34786
    [email protected]

    We ship via UPS. UPS will quote a delivery date and tracking number. It will be passed on to you.


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