Custom Sizing for Twin and Full Bedspread Quilts

If you have specific interests for sizes based on how much hangs over the bed, is it a daybed, is there a footboard, etc. Take a look at the information on this post. There is sizing information to think about and a chart to use to determine the custom size specifically for your bed. 

When you place your order for twin and full-size quilts, they are set to an average bedspread size. FOR A CUSTOM SIZE, review the information below to understand your need, based on your bed size and configuration. Do you have configurations that will affect the size of the quilt? This customization of twin or full-size quilts will not be an additional cost.

custom sizing for bedspread quilts
Graphic depicting drop lengths for bedspread quilts


Drop is the overhang of the bedspread off the edge of the mattress. Typically there is an overhang on the left, right, and foot of the bed.


Tuck is the additional length to allow the bedspread to tuck in under the pillow. If you plan to place the pillows over the bedspread, you wouldn’t have a tuck. The chart below recommends a 10” tuck if you choose to have one.

Other bed configurations to consider

Day bed

One long edge will not have an overhang and the foot and the head of the bed will both have drops.

Dust ruffle/Bed skirt

If the bed has a dust ruffle or bed skirt, the drop should not need to go to the floor, it will stop at the ruffle.

Twin XL

The regular twin mattress is 38” x 75” while the XL is 38” x 80”. Add 5” to the length.

Box spring

Add the thickness of the box spring to the overhang dimensions. Make sure you add them to the left, right, and bottom.

Foot & Sideboards

If the bed has a footboard or sideboards, the drop will not need to be as long.

Added Drop

Twin (38" x 75")
Quilt Size will be
Full (54" x 75")
Quilt Size will be
10" Drop
58" x 85"
74" x 85"
12" Drop
62" x 87"
78" x 87"
14" Drop
66" x 89"
82" x 89"
16" Drop
70" x 91"
86" x 91"
18" Drop
74" x 93"
90" x 93"
20" Drop
78" x 95"
94" x 95"
22" Drop
82" x 97"
98" x 97"

Added Drop & 10" Tuck

Twin (38" x 75")
Quilt Size Will Be
Full (54" x 75")
Quilt Size Will Be
10" Drop
58" x 95"
74" x 95"
12" Drop
62" x 97"
78" x 97"
14" Drop
66" x 99"
82" x 99"
16" Drop
70" x 101"
86" x 101"
18" Drop
74" x 103"
90" x 103"
20" Drop
78" x 105"
94" x 105"
22" Drop
82" x 107"
98" x 107"

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