Frequently Asked Questions


What is the order process?
The order is placed on the website. The deposit is paid and order slip printed. Pack the t-shirts including the order slip.

Do I pay up front?
There is a deposit per quilt required at time of order.

What are my payment options?
There is a deposit per quilt required at time of order. The remainder of payment is required at the time of shipment of your quilt.

Do I need to cut and wash?
Please wash and if needed, mend any snags or holes but DO NOT cut the shirts. We will take care of cutting based on the overall layout of your quilt.

What if I’m in a rush?
Take a course in time management but wait, you probably don’t have time for that. Actually, we understand, there are times you need things fast! Let us know and we will make every effort to deliver to your needs. There will be a charge for rush quilts.

How do I prepare my shirts?
Once you have selected the shirts to be used, check for holes, stains and snags. If you do not want holes or stains to be part of your quilt, please address them. Wash the shirts. Place painters tape on the graphics you would like to use. Refer to the website section on preparing your shirts. If there are special instructions for a particular shirt please annotate it on the tape.

What if they have holes or stains?
The quality of your quilt directly reflects the shirts provided. Although holes and stains are perfectly acceptable in the quilt, If you do not want holes or stains to be part of your quilt, please address them. Rhapsody red does not mend or remove stain out of course of creating your quilt. If you would like us to address holes, we will gladly do so at a cost. Please indicate in the Special Instructions section of the order.

Some of the t-shirts have Stains.
It’s OK, there are memories in stains too. If you don’t want them, either select a different shirt or address the stain.

Some of the t-shirts are Too Small.
As long as there is enough fabric in the overall t-shirt, the block size can be adjusted up. There is a charge for adjustments of the shirts. In most cases, it is the tank tops that require extra time.

The graphic is a Breast Pocket.
I can work with that!  I’ll work it into the design. For quilts using the Mosaic style, the small size works right into the plan.

How many shirts do I need for each size?
Refer to “Quiltology – Pondering On Size” as a guide. Mosaics are much tougher to estimate.

How do I contact you?
Rhapsody red contact information is;


My T-shirts have already been cut, can you finish the quilt?
Possibly. I will need to see the shirts. If I can recover your shirts and create a quilt for you, I will send you a proposal for the work.

I don’t think I have enough Shirts.
No problem.  The design can be adjusted. It will become a special order. We can discuss what your needs are. I will work up a proposal for the effort.

I already cut my shirts?
Ouch. The shirts will need to be reviewed. If I think I can create a quilt for you, a proposal will be developed for the work. I can get Creative with most anomalies.

I started making a quilt, it’s a mess, can you fix it?
Possibly. I will need to see the shirts. If I can recover your shirts and create a quilt for you, I will send you a proposal for the work.

How do I order a Special Order T-shirt quilt?
The best thing to do is either call or e-mail so we can discuss.

What is a commission quilt?
A quilt ordered on commission is one that is a completely custom quilt, normally not including t-shirts at all. You can give me as much or as little guidance and I provide design services for you. I will show you different concepts. When we come to an agreement on design, I will provide a proposal for creating a very unique, one of a kind quilt for you or the very fortunate recipient.

What do you consider a Special Order Quilt?
If adjustments take special instructions and individual pricing, it would be a special order. If the layout is anything other than the Variable Columns or Rows or Mosaic, e.g. using 4 graphics and including a 15” border to bring it to the size of a stadium quilt.

Can you use minky fabric as backing for the quilt?
Minky is not an offering for backing on my quilts. As a special order, it can be done on the lap, throw and stadium size quilts.

Are T-shirts the only thing that can go into a T-shirt quilt?
If it can be sewn and washed, it can be part of a quilt. That said, keep in mind, is it something you want on the quilt? Is it something you want to wrap yourself in?


Can I choose the layout of my shirts for the quilt?
Always communicate your interests and if there is a layout you wish to use. Please include in the special instructions. It is important to understand if there are special shirts or a focus of the quilt. I do ask for flexibility in the layout though. The Client will always get a final review and buy off on the layout prior to beginning to piece together. Mosaics are less flexible but there will still be a final review.

What parts of the T-shirts can be used?
If it can be sewn, it can be used. Obviously, fronts and backs can be used. If shirts have breast pockets, sleeve emblems, graphics along the length of the sleeve, they can be used.

How can I hang my quilt?
If the quilt will be hung on display rather than used, a sleeve can be sewn on for a rod to fit through. The cost is $35.

Do you fully quilt or tack quilts?
Rhapsody red quilts the quilts with topstitching in a variety of patterns mostly using an edge to edge stitching. On average the stitching is between 1” and 6” apart.

Can I include sweatshirts, ties, polo shirts, bathing suits, jeans?
Sweatshirts, ties, polo shirts, bathing suits, and jeans can all be used in a quilt.

Do you use fusible reinforcement?
Rhapsody red does not use reinforcement – interface.

Can Photographs be used in a T-shirt quilt?
T-shirts with photographs can be used.

Can you embroider a message onto a block?
Rhapsody red does not offer embroidery.

Can you make a double-sided quilt? A quilt with T-shirts on the front and back?
Yes, a double-sided quilt is possible. The cost would need to be determined as a special order.

I have toddler to large adult shirts. Can you work with that?
Yes, toddler to adult size shirts can be used in the same quilt. If you chose a mosaic style quilt, they will blend in nicely. There will most likely be an hourly charge for adjusting the smaller shirts if a Variable Block style quilt is selected.

Can the backing material be changed after the quilt is finished?
Unfortunately, the backing cannot be changed once the quilt is quilted.

Can more than one graphic be used to make a block ( sleeve or breast )?
Yes, it’s done routinely in the Variable Block style quilt. It is simple in a Mosaic style quilt since all blocks are intended to be independently sized.

How do you cut for non-traditional shirts?
All the shirts are cut with the intent to display the graphic. Sometimes there are buttons in the block. Sometimes additional fabric will be needed to fill in areas to create a block. Zippers and pull strings can be included. We get creative.

Can one T-shirt be removed?
Once a quilt is quilted, shirts cannot be removed.

What do the quilting patterns look like?
See the order form for the quilting pattern options. The two edge to edge quilting patterns used are stippling and topo.

What colors of fabric are available for sashing, borders and backing?
Rhapsody red does not have a standard set of fabric colors and patterns. Each quilt is matched based on the t-shirts.


What is a Block?
The term block is used to describe the graphic once it has been cut into a square or rectangle unit.

How are your quilts constructed?
Rhapsody red creates its quilts in a traditional fashion. The layers of the quilt are;
– top, made up of your t-shirts,
– batting, 80/20 cotton,
– back, quilting cotton or flannel.
The layers are quilted together at a distance between 1” – 6” apart, normally varying throughout the quilt. They are finished with a binding around the edge.

How are t-shits cut?
The t-shirts are measured and cut individually by hand with a rotary cutter and quilting ruler.

What happens to scraps?
Scraps from the t-shirts are used to create pads or tug toys for dogs and cats and donated to a local organization.
Remnants from fabric are used to create scrappy baby quilts or lap quilts for the elderly and donated to local charities.


How long does it take to finish a quilt?
A quilt will take 4-6 weeks from the time shirts are received to a completed quilt back to you. As the process develops, you will get messages for confirmation on things like fabric colors and layout.

My shirts are special to me, how do you track mail, how do you manage the process?
Rhapsody red understands these shirts are very special to you. We take care of them as if they were our very own when they are in our position. The shirts are always held as a group and work all happens in one location. US Postal Service is used for shipment. You will receive a tracking number when your package is sent.