Quilt Repair

Rhapsody red Quilts can help you with repair of your treasured quilts.

Do you have a quilt that needs a little love? Maybe one that has been passed down through your family or one you rescued at a garage sale? Don’t be afraid to have repairs made to it. Many damaged quilts can be repaired using basic sewing skills and careful cleaning.

An assessment will be made of the quilt and I will provide a proposal. If you would like to move forward, we can talk about next steps.

Let’s make sure the expectation is set appropriately for the service. There’s a significant difference between repair and restore:

Repairs fix the quilt. Replacing a binding with modern fabric or machine mending fraying fabric is a repair. Restoration returns the quilt to useable state with fabrics of the same age and wear pattern of that currently in the quilt. Appropriate reproduction fabrics may be used.

Rhapsody red repairs and brings a quilt back to a usable state but not with equivalent fabric to that of original fabrics.